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Splendid Spoon

Chef Bai’s Cycle Support Bundle

Chef Bai’s Cycle Support Bundle

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A curated bundle by best-selling author, plant-based chef and holistic nutritionist Bailey Ruskus. Includes:

  • Raspberry Cacao Smoothie
  • Cacao Almond Smoothie
  • Blue Majik Smoothie
  • Recovery Shot
  • Digestion Shot
  • Super Greens Juice
  • Roasted Cauliflower Falafel Dish
  • Creamy Korma Dish
  • Brown Rice Taco Bowl
  • Beans & Greens Soup
  • Red Lentil Dal Soup
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Included Meals:

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“As a professional chef, a health coach, and a woman with endometriosis

... I truly believe that the best foundation for cycle support is an anti-inflammatory diet free from animal products. Fiber and plant protein paired with essential nutrients and antioxidants is exactly what our bodies need to thrive through all of our phases. This bundle is filled with my ideal Splendid Spoon meals to support our monthly hormone changes so we can live our best lives and feel better than ever!"

- Chef Bai