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  • "If you're looking to cut down on processed foods, this is a great place to start. We love that we can satisfy our cravings with options like vegan meatballs and a strawberry chocolate smoothie."

  • "Ideal for those who want to maximize the convenience factor and don't want to mess with a blender at all. Made with plenty of functional ingredients. "

Shoot your shot

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Cool down with cold-pressed.

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  • A game-changer for me

    "Smoothies low in sugar and no added ingredients. No poor choices because the good stuff is within reach"

    - Cynthia

  • Love the smoothies

    "They are absolutely delicious - not just oh, that's pretty good for a smoothie type delicious. I mean, I'm at work thinking about how I'm looking forward to having my smoothie when I get home type delicious!"

    - Rosana

  • Favorites are the smoothies and wellness shots

    "I work the night shift, so it can be hard for me to find healthy meals, but Splendid Spoon has made it a lot easier for me to eat healthy."

    - Kelly

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