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Splendid Spoon

Good Gut Bundle

Good Gut Bundle

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A collection of fiber-rich, anti-inflammatory meals curated by our dietitian. Includes:

  • 2 Beans & Greens Soups
  • Kimchi Fried Quinoa
  • Dan Dan Noodles
  • Carrot Ginger Chia Smoothie
  • Dragonfruit Berry Smoothie
  • Power Greens Smoothie
  • Mango Guava Smoothie
  • Digestion Shot
  • Wellness Shot
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Included Gut-Healthy Ingredients:


Fermented foods like kimchi offer probiotics, the good gut bacteria. Kimchi may lower your risk of heart disease by reducing inflammation, suppressing fat growth, and decreasing cholesterol levels.

Found In: Kimchi Fried Quinoa


Contains gingerol which supports gastrointestinal movement and provides relief for nausea. Also increases levels of the happy hormone known as serotonin.

Found In: Carrot Ginger Chia Smoothie, Wellness Shot.


Turmeric is the deep golden-orange spice derived from the rhizome of native Asian plant Curcuma longa. It has anti-inflammatory properties which support the immune system.

Found In: Masala Khichri Soup, Digestion Shot


Loaded with soluble fiber which has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels and support digestive health.

Found In: Power Greens Smoothie, Dragon Fruit Berry Smoothie

Included Meals:

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From Splendid Dietitian Johane:

"Certain foods can improve your gut health by supporting the good bacteria in your gut, which helps balance your microbiome and replenish gut-healthy nutrients that you may be deficient in. If gut health is on your mind, you need to be doing the basics. That means, first and foremost, eating a wide variety of plant-based foods".

  • On Trying Our Bundle:

    "As someone who experiences lots of gas, bloating, and general stomach discomfort, I loved having meals around that made my sensitive digestive system feel good and well-balanced after eating."